Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg has been working with the local NGO SOS BAHINI since 2006. The main objective of this partnership is to prevent the worst forms of discrimination, exploitation, sexual abuse and human trafficking of Nepalese girls and young women.

To achieve this, SOS Bahini ensures that its beneficiaries enjoy their basic rights:

  • the right to health care,
  • the right to an education,
  • the right to be protected from violence, abuse and exploitation,
  • the right to be protected from all forms of discrimination,
  • the right to shelter, to be rescued and to have decent living conditions,
  • the right to play and leisure,
  • the right to freedom of information, expression and participation,
  • the right to have a family, to be cared for and loved.

For a holistic approach, SOS Bahini also offers vocational training to vulnerable women in the Pokhara region to enable them to find employment or create their own income-generating activity.

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Reconstruction of three schools in Nuwakot district

The earthquake of April 2015 injured more than 22,000 people and caused the death of more than 10,000 people in Nepal.
It was on the initiative of CHL that a consortium was established with Pharmaciens sans frontières and the ONGD-FNEL whose aim was the reconstruction of three public schools in

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Women skilled development center

The Women Skill Development Centre was created to offer vulnerable women in Pokhara, practical training in handicrafts (embroidery and sewing courses) enabling them to find employment or create their own income generating activities.

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The EduCare component helps women headed families in precarious and vulnerable situations. Families are allocated a monthly grant consisting on the provision of food and a scholarship for their children.

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Integrated Family Aid Programme

IFAP stands for Integrated Family Aid Programme. It is a foster family created around a mother, widowed or abandoned by her husband. Each mother is responsible for 6 to 8 girls aged 5 to 16. Each family lives in an individual house that provides the necessary conditions for the development

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Cross Roads House

The Cross Roads House is a unique programme in Nepal. It is a place for girls who have completed their bachelor’s degree and wish to train professionally or continue their studies. It is like a dormitory for young students with rules and regulations that they have to follow. A housekeeper

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Located in Pokhara, the Eco-Village was built in 2012 using local, environmentally friendly materials, including bamboo and clay. Today it serves as a home for many young girls. The village is divided into two parts  a part entirely dedicated to the beneficiaries, (with accommodation, playground, training room and canteen) and