Since 2010, Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg has been working with the association CAMELEON, which operates in the province of Iloilo on the islands of Panay and Negros.

Their actions aim at :
– the protection, reconstruction and reintegration of child victims of sexual abuse, and the social support of their families,
– education, health, professional integration and autonomy of disadvantaged young people and their families,
– raising awareness of children’s rights, prevention of maltreatment and sexual abuse, and advocacy with the population, institutional decision-makers, politicians and the media.

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Junior lawyers programme

Coopération Humanitaire Luxembourg relies on a programme of young volunteer lawyers from Luxembourg who travel to the Philippines to support abused and raped girls in their legal proceedings against their offenders.
The mission of the young volunteer lawyers is to prepare the girls for court, to accompany them with their

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Iloilo and Negros

Two rehabilitation centres have been built, including one in Iloilo and one in Negros. As part of its Rehabilitation programme, CAMELEON takes care of 50 young girls, aged between 5 and 17, who are victims of sexual violence. CAMELEON has tow Shelters where young girls regain their confidence and build